WI Speaker Bring Mullocks & Memories

I belong to the world famous womens' institute - so many villages and small towns throughout the country have members and I feel immensley proud to belong to this august organisation.  I'm not entirely sure why it makes me so proud.  Perhaps because they tend to do good works and be earnest in their endeavours, but still have a jolly good time to boot!

A recent speaker was fabulous fun.  Being a very local chap, he exhibited the rather strange local dialect - it really helped to place him in the community he discussed.  Telling us about his austere granny and how she had a typical village long house, his colourful descriptions of visiting her and the scrapes they got into.  As he passed round many artefacts he had gathered up from her house when she died, it was so clear that each held a very special memory of her - be it good or bad.