Watching Brief To Stop Folk Stealing To Order

I was enjoying the bright and very warm sun one after recently - whilst posted on front door, meet and greet duties at a heritage house I help at.   The warmth had made me just rest my eyes for a moment or two.  My hearing and state of readiness was not diminished however and I was able to stop a couple of likey lads trying to sneak past me without having a ticket - the cheek!  It is very important to be on top of a watching brief in these houses because many folk are bent on taking away just about anything they take a fancy to and which they think they might have a ready buyer.  I blame the tv antiques programme that shows 'experts' buying up clapped out junk at a boot sale and then hawking it round their 'friends in the trade' to get them to buy it.   Petty criminals are now trying the same by helping themselves to smaller antique pieces and family chinawares.