Unmatched Sunshine Causing Antique Headaches

In the height of a truly sensational hot summer, the last thing we tend to think about is antique furniture.  However, we should be especially careful that any treasures we  have from our ancestors are protected from increased heat, dryness and sunshine.   It's quite easy for a curtain to dangle floppily and let otherwise gloriously sunny weather wreck our prized pocessions.  In the big houses owned now by various Trusts, they don't allow any sunlight in if possible.  They have massive window shutters which are kept closed at all hours unless forced by needs of safety for visitors and volunteers.  Of course, when thse magificent antiques were first made, no one appreciated the destructive nature of sunlight streaming in.  All the furniture, new and old, would have been treated the same way - with beeswax twice a year and dry duster the rest of the the time.   It would be interesting to know who first thought of using spent tea leaves as a means of dispelling dust prior to carpet beatings . .. .