The Lustre Of Real Wood Give Life To A Room

When we think of antiques, it is all too easy to think only of stuffy old fashioned chairs and large heavy brown wood furniture.  Some young couples shun the idea of using hand me down furniture when they first set up home.  It can often smell old and stuffy - maybe a little woodworm that needs attending to.  Remembering that someone many years ago, made that piece of furniture, be it a large double doored wardrobe, or a neat little side table.  They lovingly rubbed down the rough edged wood and made every section fit very neatly into the next.  Hand finished all over it may not be, but a lot of furniture was assembled and finished off by hand.  The lusture of the wood, when cared for with minimum effort, can bring a room to life.  This is something that modern flatpack manmade materials will never be able to do.