The Desired Sleek Dining Set Lives Another Day

When we bought our first house - many years ago in the '80s, we had to make do with a lot of second hand furniture.  All lovingly handed on by relatives and friends.  That's what we all did in those days.  Unless we came from the more affluent end of the scale and bought all new to start with.  I had longed for a nice sleek table, chairs and sideboard from a very well known, classy, and prohibitively expensive maker.  As luck would have it, my inlaws had just such a set and I coveted it from day one!  When dear old ma in law moved to a care home and we emptied out her bungalow, the set finally became mine.  Funnily though, I have my own solid oak table, chairs and sideboard, the sleek set is too small for my room. But it is lovingly used, appreciated and cared for by the next generation - starting their own antiques!