Taking Care With Online Antique Purchases

It's hard to tell from pictures whether something is the genuine thing with old furniture.  I was looking at a site the other day, intending to get a pretty little bureau for my office.  It really was attractive and the description was a fair - I just couldn't see the condition too well.  I insisted on being able to see the piece in question before parting with any of my very hard earned pennies.  I'm so glad I did - the item I thought I was looking at didn't seem to exist - as the one I was shown bore no resemblance to the once in the grainy advert.  You do have to be so careful when bidding for any item - shady dealers about.  As I already knew, to get a nice little bureau that is proper in age and condition, you have to use reputable sites who have been in the business for a long time and built their reputation up by being honest and knowledgeable.