Restoring & Repairing Family Heirlooms To Order

One of our favourite programmes at the moment is called Repair Shop.  It's set in a barn idyllically in the middle of a field, as far from the rest of civilisation as its possible to get.  The main thrust of the exercise is to show members of the public bringing their most treasured items for repair and restoration.   We've seen some truly inspiring achievements too.  There was a fantastic Charles & Rae Eames armchair - genuine from the mid 1960s.  Folk must approach the makers of the show and their item is considered for inclusion.  The producers of the show then scout around and find the most acknowledged expert to look at, discuss and then repair the item.  This serves as an amazing advertisement for the tremendous skills we still have in this country.  The younger experts are quite incredible - very confidet on camera and able to explain what they're doing under the glare of spotlights and millions of viewers.   It is truly heartwarming and a little soggy eyed when the families come back to retrieve their previously damaged antiques and see the splendour that awaits them.