Matching Antiques Needs A Real Search Task

Some of the most gorgeous houses around my neck of the woods are built out of local stone - we're very much in the middle of the country and there is still a lot of quarrying.  All sorts of stone is available and some villages have planning regulations stipulating that only this type or that is permissible for any new builds, so that the wholke area retains whatever unique style and ambiance it can.   With these fantastic places, be they new or old, comes an appreciation of the beauty of antiques - usually the well chosen furniture placed in those stunning sitting rooms with inglenook fireplaces.  Of course, in the older property that hasn't yet been gutted and refitted, there will be some gorgeous antique doors and windows.  Trying to match these for a refurishment job will require looking into reclamation yards or posting 'wanted' adverts in the appropriate press and media.  Adding the right type of antique is so essential to retain the value of a property.