Longevity In The Antiques & Auction Business

I was visiting a rather ancient aunt and she was bemoaning the fact she cannot get out into her garden now - I offered to help her out of the patio door so she could at least have a gentle stroll round whilst attached to my arm.   Once out, I discovered her master plan was to inside the garage - a huge double door affair the has always been a mystery to me.  No cars have lived at the house since  the '80s.   To my amazement the garage was filled with wonderful old furniture.  Beautiful anqtique chairs, an oak trestle, two large family sized tables.  There was a mahogany & rosewood writing desk and too many other items to mention.  They were all well wrapped in blankets and dust sheets.  My next task was to help list it all for valuation.  We  researched local valuers and auctioneers on  my tablet and she was amazed to recognise two old established firms and was thrilled they were still in business.   Now there's a sure sign that a company is reliable and reputable!