Caring For Much Loved Furniture v Quality Downtime

We live in a very fast paced world nowadays - weeks zoom past into the next and families busily work towards the next 'thing'.   After Christmas and New Year festivities, it's looking towards the school half term holidays.  When there are children around, holidays take place, and then onto having a quick spruce up around the home ready for Easter.  More quality holiday time.  Then comes the biggie, the main summer break - somewhere abroad generally.    After that, there are the Autumn hols to spend anywhere but at home.

In my grandparents' day, the spring cleaning gave a chance to connect with the home, appreciate good fortune of having lovely wooden furniture, probably handed down from a previous generation and all lovingly dusted, polished but given a really good go over in the period up to Easter.  Antique ideas maybe, but joy of much loved and handled wooden furniture can never be replaced with a holiday abroad!