Dipping A Toe In The World Of Antiques Buying

There are some very sound reasons for buying into the antiques market just now.  The downturn in the money markets due to a variety of factors, but currently  it's the c.virus that's panicking everybody.  The stock markets have tumbled throughout the world and so antiques themselves could well be the one seriously good buy for this year.   There are various antiques fairs dotted throughout the country and is is a fanatasic way to see what sort of items become available and more importantly, for how much.    The advice will always be to do your research, as much as you need and don't be rushed into buying anything just because you can.  Look carefully at your tastes and the family tastes.  For beginners dipping that toe into the world of antiques it can be totally overwhelming - there are so many items covered by that one small word.  Being that there is such a breadth of choice, experts recommend starting with something very simple such as a small side table or exsquisite table lamp.  Nothing vastly expensive but gorgeous enough to start the family heirloom trail.