Comforting Oak Bedroom Combinations

I just love this time of year - summer's gone, with all the heat and need to keep window blinds down to shade from the sun.  Now we just have the delights of being able to have the blinds up and looking out onto frost laden lawns.  We keep warm with toasty heating or wood burning stoves.  This is when you really appreciate the luxury of wooden furniture.  It always feel s and smells so homely when you enter a warm room that contains even just one piece of old oak.  I remember going to stay with grandparents - they had a bedroom set of wardrobe, tallboy, large dresser and matching bedside cabinets.  The look seemed very old fashioned to a youngster like me but the deliciously familiar smell remains with me to this day.  I know there are sites that specialise in sourcing and supplying exactly these matched sets.  More power to the combo!