Caring For Heritage Furniture

Having decent furniture is always a much wished for item in my life.  I have a couple of heavy leather sofas currently and my dining set is absolutely modern but very nice quality solid oak.  I used to enjoy touching the wooden cabinets at my grandparents' house although at the time, it was simply the smoothness and depth of colour I liked as I didn't know about old or new furniture then.  I do help out now at a heritage house - it's very well known primarily for the garden, but the Hall is now getting more visitors.  I watch the housekeepers caring for the various items of antique furniture - it's fascinating.  the fabric armchairs are brushed down with a medium brush, taking care not to drag any part of the fabric or knock the wooden frame.  Any marks are very carefully sponged to remove - anything worse needs careful dabbing with tiny spot of cleaning fluid with a cotton bud.  Tricks.