Caring For Granny’s Old Chair Sets

When I was growing up there was nowhere near the amount of interest in keeping hold of family furniture as there is now.   My parents had to start off with what mum ungraciously terms 'gran's old hand me downs'.  Made it sound like Gran has passed down crumbling old sofas and chairs.  Nothing could be further from the truth, but mum had a way of letting every know if she felt belittled in any way!  Funnily though after two score years and ten . . . .  her old furniture is worth a lot more money now than if she'd tried to pass it over to someone back in the day.   Mum may have felt distain for the old table and chairs and that quaint bedroom set of wardrobe, tallboy and dressers - but they now look fantastic and smell divine.  Hurrah for e-cloths and a little blob of bees wax polish every so often!