A family member has recently been consigned to the very comfortable and luxurious residential care home nearby.  This has not been without a few problems, arguments over whether she really needed to be there and all this sort of thing.  The family members who were constantly being called out by neighbours because she couldn't manage at home, would testify positively to that!

The dispersing of her furniture and household effects was a painfully sentimental experience for us all.  All those memories disappearing in the back of the charity shop truck.  Books, pictures, ornaments etc. all being cleaned and handed over.  But the furniture itself as not so easy.  Several younger members all fighting over who should have the neat scandinavian dining set and who could have the equally gorgeous sideboard.   A right verbal fisti-cuffs of vintage proportions eventually soirted it out without any of the component sets being shared out unwisely.

In the very deepest of winter, when we are slightly more house bound and shut ourselves in to the dear old homestead, the beauty of spring time approaching is looking forward to a cleaning and refurnishing spree to come.  This is part of our natural nesting instinct and we tend to answer the call by decorating and turning the house out from top to bottom.

There can be nothing lovelier than being able to replace bulk standard fixtures and fittings with proper oak antique artefacts that have had a real life before we invite them into our home.   The love and care that have been given to old items of furniture cannot be over estimated.  We must cherish the things from days gone by and the styles that have made their mark in history.

With the innovation of man made materials in such abundance these days it is easy to assume that this is the only means of furniture and effects being manufactured.  In our modern houses, with fully fitted kitchens, utilities and bathrooms, the easy to clean and almost indestructable nature of mdf or composite with wood veneer does make house keeping that bit easier and quicker.

If however you really want to feel the life come back into the home, just visiting a lovely old heritage property that still has masses of old family furniture, will really fire the heart and make you realise how much we are missing.

There are some fantastic sites where antique furniture, doors, chests etc. are still available for the discerning buyer.  How lovely to be able to place a piece of immense age, with years of being loved and cherished into a modern home to bring some real quality where it belongs.

One of the few joys of visiting a very senior member of the family many years ago was arriving at the front door and seeing the gorgeous old oak and feeling it as we raced through to the vestibule - far too big to be called a hallway.  Inside we were greeted with two very old oak chests - which we rather roughly jumped all over before shoving our mud laden boots inside.  I shudder when remembering the mistreatment of these fabulous old items.  But they had been in the house for longer than any of the occupants could recall.

Today to get those very same style of oak chest or the rather wonderful oak book cases that lined the drawing room wall, it is necessary to browse online at the sites that dedicate themselves to sourcing oak antique.  This is the best way to be sure of quality and authenticity.

A favourite pastime is visiting the many historic houses in this area.  There are more very old family seats that are still lived in by the same old families than anywhere else in the country.  With these houses come the most amazing stories of heroism, sometimes misplaced, it must be said.  But on the whole the landed gentry have us with a fabulous array of gorgeous houses to trot around and in those houses are wonderful old family heirlooms and antique furniture.

Creaking floorboards lead on through chambers and servants' quarters.  Wardrobes and chests of drawers sit quietly in corners, lovingly cared for by the families over the years and now by the custodians of the homes - generally one of the heritage institutions.  It is an inspiration to see what antique furniture is out there available from the dedicated online suppliers and purveyors of such loved, quality pieces.  Just one to own would be a dream.

For anyone who has been asleep for the last few weeks, the news is that summer has gone, finished, capputt.  Endless sunny days and wonderful heat - well, as we like to lovingly recall our hols by the sea, are being replaced very rapdily by even more endless days of breezy and rather damp autumnal hue. Walking through you'll notice huge oak trees, used to make wooden doors and other variations of products that are used throughout the home.

There is one wonderful thing about the approach to winter though, and that is to escape the daily trudge around the town and busy malls and get out into the countryside.  Taking a lovely long walk in a country park or woodland is so restortive for the spirit.  It also serves very well to make us take stock of our day to day lives and things around us.  The aging of trees, illustrated moreso once the leaves have fallen, makes one think of olden days and of cottages and houses filled to the rafters with splendid antique furniture and effects.  Quality of the first order!

When the time comes to purchase any new furniture for your home, it makes sense to invest in furniture that is made out of oak wood. No other hardwood can offer the blend of strength, beauty and ease of maintenance that Oak Furniture does. So, investing in furniture made out of oak is always considered feasible and smart choice. Whether you need kitchen furniture, living room furniture or bedroom furniture, oak wood furniture can bring in the long lasting use and style to your home in such a way that no other hardwood can.

If you are into the market of furniture, then surely you will be tempted by oak furniture. It is a special material that can be curved in any design to manufacture stylish furniture. It is a dense hardwood that can be used to design furniture for any use and this material can withstand heavy use for lifetime and still look great with just negligible maintenance and care.


The beauty of oak furniture is not difficult to appreciate.  There is a certain feel and weight of design that brings a modernity to oak furniture even in an antique piece.  Whereas much of the furiture available in the antique market tends to be quite dark, very often mahogany, oak is available in different shades and this can make all the difference to a room setting.

Oak is versatile and has been used to make furniture for centuries.  It is so hard wearing and that is a contributing factor to why it is still the number one choice for all kinds of furnishing schemes.  However, it is the antique market that helps oak to maintain this happy position.  As families try to get hold of oak furniture, often on auction sites, a professional antique oak furniture dealer will have access to the best sources and a knowledge of the market that is second to none.

Buying home furniture can be tough, particularly when lots of aspects have to be considered. It is recommended that people buy a trustworthy and strong sort of furniture for their home. Oak furniture provides performance, durability, and many of all, it is stunning. House owners wish to use their furniture for a long time with a high degree of complete satisfaction, and oak furniture offers this.

What Is Solid Oak - Oak is among the most popular kinds of wood, and can be used in a range of different items. You will come across two primary kinds of oak, which are white and red. Both are comparable. Nevertheless white oak has longer rays, is more resilient, is water resistant and has the tendency to be lighter in color.

If you require furniture that is commonly used and seen by lots of individuals, such as dining room furniture, oak furniture is a need to buy.

If you are looking for quality antique furniture for your character home, then oak furniture would be the right choice for you. Whatever be the decorative style of your living room, the various styles of oak furniture will fit in well with all of them and most importantly lasts for a longer span of time.

Reasons to buy oak antique furniture -

  • Durability: - The durability factor of oak furniture cannot be ignored; it is strong enough to stay in the vicinity of your living room for years to come.
  • Versatility: - There is a variety of options available oak furniture both in the market and in the digital space. Styles that suit best the décor of your place will be easily available at affordable price online.
  • Traditional : - Oak furniture is available in both traditional and modern styles but you will be amazed with the fantastic optionsfor getting that perfect antique for your home.