Arts & Crafts Treasures Saved In Bungalow

There's a bungalow near me that has been on the property market for a while.  Surprising, for bungalows here never normally need an agent, let alone an agent's board up  to illicit interest.  Anyway things started to take off a couple of months ago and in went the skip, for the inevitable ripping out process.  I must say that it helps having an pal living not more than a stones throw away, so regular bulletins come my very nosy way.   The couple are intending to keep all the original arts and crafts woodwork, i.e. the interconnecting doors, the pelmets, picture rails and good floor boards.  They also have the original fitted wardrobes with matching bed head and side cabinets.  They plan to replace the missing furniture with auction antiques if they can find exactly the right era.  The buzz of excitement about this project is palpable - hope they have an open day so we can see it all!