Antique Chairs Need Gentle Lick & A Promise

I recently joined a party of stewarding volunteers at a local heritage property - we were looking over the property and noting any items needing conservation work to be carried out during the close season.  This is of course a difficult choice to make, when funds are very limited, there isn't always a great deal to spare when it comes to keeping the collection in fine fettle.  Sometimes we just have to gently clean the the items of furniture and check them over to ensure there is no appearance of wood worm and that heat or dryness hasn't affected the joints and frets.  Just gently brushing the cushions of the chairs can make them look look more alive - so long as we replace the 'please don't sit here' signs!   The house has been lucky to receive a couple of seriously antique chests from a benefactor, and again, these were checked thoroughly for any signs of infestation.