Ancient Bathchair Has US Couple In Raptures

I was watching one of the US property shows the other week.  It may have been Canada actually, thinking about the size of the plot and the lack of massive people around.  Anyway, the folk looking over one particular house were over the moon that it came with various items of furniture and effects as the vendors were moving back home to Europe and couldn't or did not want to ship them all back.   The prospective buyers were lacking in vocabulary - all they could utter was amazing / awesome etc.  The things that got them the most excited was an old bathchair made of leather and with small wheels and a pram style hood.   There were suggestions of making it a feature in the lounge and they were wanting to know how old it was.  Strangely it had a date of 1896 on the base.  Nice to think something had sured that long and it woudl certainly be an antiue of great merit in the US, they aren't exactly awash with antiques themselves.