Heritage Trail Starts Online Antique Interest

On an overseas trip recently to what does still feel very much The New World, I was absolutely amazed at the amount of building in the city I thought I was familiar with.  I haven't been back for 6 years - in that time there has been a wonderous proliferation of housing complexes for all ages.  Open concept is the phrase to look out for - nothing separating the inside walls apart from the ceilings.    There are some very old houses - very old to them is 1823 upwards as their city only came into being in 1836 once another swathe of the first nations had been moved on.   The heritage society had raised funds to rescue unusual, noteworthy or quirky building from being demolished and replaced.  The society also proudly shows the furniture and effects that came with each property - rough hewn beds, chairs, trestles etc. which are as antique as any of ours.  The theme of saving and respecting such heritage pieces is spreading so there's not a thriving antiques arcade and online sales.